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is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the second capital
of Russia, "the window to Europe", the Northern Venice",
the city-museum.
It attracts thousands of tourists who trust there is no place to be
compared with St.Petersburg. What is it famous for ? What gives it its
special flavour? Uniqueness. The city has its fascinating charm in the
unique harmony of the superb European style and Russian historical tradition.

It was founded in 1703 by the Great Russian Tsar Peter 1st
and designed to be the centre of sciences, arts and culture and also
the main sea- port of the country.
The city had to survive wars and revolutions, it saw the times of recession
and prosperity but it never lost its leading position in the political,
cultural and economical development of Russia.

It is almost impossible to describe St.Petersburg. You have to
see it with your own eyes. Many outstanding architects, decorators and
sculptors of the 18th — 19th centuries contributed to the city’s glory
and magnificence.
You will have an exciting experience to watch the classical ensembles
of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the St. Isaak Cathedral,
the Admiralty, the Winter Palace and fine collections
of arts in the Hermitage and in the Russian Museum. You
will definitely enjoy your visits to St.Petersburg suburbs — Pavlovsk,
Pushkin, Petrodvorets and Lomonosov — which are called the city’s “
pearl necklace “ for their marvellous palaces and picturesque outskirts.
You will feel the atmosphere of the two centuries history and the vibrancy
of the future.
St. Petersburg is waiting for you to discover it.

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