For overseas full-course applicants a good command of Russian is essential. Therefore we prefer to admit foreign students as beginning freshmen after the successful completion of our Preparatory course. It normally extends from 8 to 10 months and includes 700 academic hours of Russian and also studies in mathematics and engineering fundamentals designed to meet the admission requirements with regard of initial preparation of applicants.
    The prospective students will be taught to communicate in Russian and to have an appropriate fluency in written and oral practice to understand and follow lectures. They will also be trained to read textbooks on engineering and be familiar with technical vocabulary.
    Those who wish to enter the MTU as a member of the freshmen class directly following completion of a secondary school or transfer from another educational institution for higher level courses, have to pass a test in the Russian language.
    Applicants having a particular goal of Russian language training can undertake a one / two year course aiming to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the language.
    Along with full-time programmes students may begin or continue their professional education at various levels depending on their initial achievements. In case of transferring from other colleges and universities applicants should have adequate training in subjects basic to the level at which transfer is planned. In consultation with a faculty adviser, appropriate placement in a course will be determined by a student’s previous scholarship record certifying one’s progress toward a degree.
    You can also apply for a short — term individual programme in a specified field within the subject area of available courses. This training may be a part of your current course project or graduation work at any other university. In such a case the contents of the training and the duration of studies should be agreed in advance.
    We would particularly like to attract your attention at shortened engineering courses offered only to overseas students. These are the programmes developed on the basis of standard full-time engineering courses and essentially decreased in length. The reductions are achieved by more intensive and flexible curricula. In shortened courses social and humanitarian studies are mainly reduced to personal assignments. More emphasis is made on individual work under a staff member’s supervision, less — on traditional lectures.
    It is important to stress that neither the contents of initial programmes nor the graduation requirements are altered. Finally you will be awarded a Diploma of Engineer and receive similar qualifications and as on the completion of a full — time programme.
    By now we have already got overseas graduates who have successfully completed:
    a four year engineering course in “Operation of ships and ship equipment” and
    five year engineering courses in “Computer Engineering, Systems and Networks”
    and in “Electrical and Automated Ship Systems”.
    Other shortened programmes can be developed on your request.

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