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LabSolutions LCMS Ver.5.6

LabSolutions LCMS is integrated workstation software used to control LCMS-8030/8040/8050 models, as well as Shimadzu HPLC/UHPLC systems from a single user interface.

Equipped with a variety of data processing features, the software allows the creation of quantitation methods for multi-component analysis, enabling anyone to perform quantitative analyses with ease.

■ Automatic Calculation of Dwell Time

The optimum dwell time is calculated automatically from the number of overlapping MRM channels and maximum loop time, thereby obtaining the necessary data points for the entire analysis.

■ MRM Optimization Functions

Flow injection analysis enables rapid and unattended optimization of MRM conditions for multiple compounds. The LCMS-8050 provides good optimization results even at high speeds.

■ Efficient Multi-Analyte Data Analysis

LabSolutions LCMS software incorporates a Data Browser that allows a user to analyze and compare multiple data sets in a single window. In addition, a Quantitation Browser enables efficient quantitative processing of multiple analytes.

Optional Software Programs

Shimadzu offers a variety of software options to address specific customer requirements.

Combining LabSolutions LCMS with these programs improves workflow efficiency.

■ Method Packages

A variety of method packages, which include pre-registered MRM parameters with optimized quantitative and reference ions, LC separation parameters, retention times, and peak identification parameters for various compounds, enable efficient implementation of simultaneous multi-component analyses. By eliminating the need to investigate the separation conditions or optimize the MS parameters for each compound, these packages can save laboratories a great deal of method development time.

Note: Optimization of analysis parameters will be necessary in some cases when using the LCMS-8050. 

Primary metabolites 55 metabolites
Lipid mediators 130 lipid mediators
Rapid toxicological drug


106 drugs
Forensic and toxicology-related


286 toxic substances
Residual pesticides 167 pesticides
Veterinary drugs 42 veterinary drugs
Water quality analysis 44 golf course pesticides, 32 pesticides

targeted for water quality control

■ QuanSolution

Open Access Software for Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS Quantitative Analysis

Quan Solution allows users unfamiliar with LCMS software to perform LC/MS/MS analysis using pre-set methods. Utilizing a software wizard, it’s possible to start analyses through the presentation of simple-to-follow on-screen instructions.

■ ProfilingSolution

Software for Profiling Analysis

Used to compare and contrast the vast amount of data obtained from multiple chromatographic sets, this software extracts and tabulates all peaks found in multiple data files to create the peak tables required for multivariate analysis.

HPLC Solutions for Mass Spectrometry

Shimadzu’s wide-ranging HPLC portfolio encompasses all your analytical needs.

Shimadzu offers the fastest and most reliable HPLC and UHPLC solutions.

■ Efficient Method Developmen

  Nexera Method Scouting

Nexera Method Scouting software automates method development using up to 96 unique separation conditions. Allowing up to 16 binary solvent combinations and up to 6 columns, intuitive and user-friendly screens allow the user to quickly select pump flows, gradient conditions, and column valve positions. A sequence table is automatically generated, and the user is spared the tedious and repetitive tasks of manual solvent blending, column removal, and gradient programming. 

Column and mobile phase selection window

Co-Sense Series

■ Direct Analysis of Drugs in Biological Samples

  Co-Sense for Bio-Analysis (BA)

Co-sense for BA is a 2-Dimensional HPLC system equipped with the Shim-pack MAYI-ODS pretreatment column and a unique on-line dilution bypass channel.

The system’s online sample preparation capabilities reduce labor costs and improve laboratory efficiency.

■ High Sensitivity Analysis of Minor Impurities

  Co-Sense for Impurities

Co-Sense for Impurities features an online trapping and solvent switching capability that allows traditional non-volatile separation techniques, such as phosphate buffer solutions and ion-pair reagents, to be incorporated into the mass spectrometry laboratory. Enhanced sensitivity is achieved through automatic online concentration of the target impurities.

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