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The SIBUR group is Russia’s leading petrochemicals company, with a total of 34 plants and subsidiaries producing over 100 petrochemical products.

The Company’s mission is to transform natural resources into products for everyday human use without upsetting the ecological equilibrium. Its prime objectives are to maintain its leadership in Russia, to become internationally competitive in its target market segments, to generate continuous growth, and to combine commercial success with social responsibility and environmental safety. SIBUR’s development strategy is focused on expanding its production capacities while reducing operating costs.

A controlling stake in SIBUR Holding Joint-Stock Company (JSC) is held by the Gazprom group, and the Company is run by a management organization called SIBUR Limited Liability Company (LLC). It has achieved strong financial results over the past few years, and its planned investment for 2007 amounts to 16.9 billion roubles.

For the SIBUR group, social investment means continuous dialogue with stakeholders and an awareness that commercial performance depends directly on how successfully social and environmental issues are addressed.

The Company’s environmental policy is aimed at minimizing its environmental footprint. SIBUR has established a round-the-clock monitoring system to ensure that any technical upsets are handled promptly. By employing advanced materials and technologies and by abandoning the use of environmentally harmful components we are gradually improving the state of the environment.

The Company owes its success to the hard work of an integrated team of professionals, teamwork being the key to SIBUR’s long-term development. Continued qualitative growth and prosperity will depend directly on the knowledge and skills of the Company’s employees.

The SIBUR group is a dynamic and technologically advanced company that is capable of driving the long-term growth and development of Russia’s petrochemicals industry.

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