Improved Qualitative Performance Utilizing Mass Spectrometry

LC/MS is capable of separation by mass and the identification of components from MS spectral information. As a result, LC/MS has been widely used in the field of food analysis. Combining the i-Series (LC-2030C LT), which features a compact size and multi-specimen handling, with the LCMS-2020, which provides excellent qualitative capacities, enables accurate, high-quality quantitative and qualitative analysis of food products. This includes the analysis of a wide range of components, from effective components to toxic components, in foods.

The Touch-Screen Enables Operation

With the i-Series, all operations from sample placement to starting analysis can be performed at the instrument, thereby keeping operations in the laboratory to a minimum. In addition, if a flow line selection valve is installed between the i-Series and the LCMS-2020, the selection valve can be used to load components into the mass spectrometer only for the time band in which target components are eluted, even for food samples, which contain many impurities.

Analysis of Sweeteners Using the LCMS-2020

Low-calories sweeteners are now widely used in food products. Sweeteners exhibit distinct flavors different from sucrose and glucose, so flavors are adjusted by combining multiple sweeteners or other methods. This publication shows the results of an analysis of carbonated beverages and a mixed standard solution of synthetic sweeteners utilizing the i-Series and the LCMS-2020. Sucralose is known for its poor light absorption, which makes it a difficult component to detect using a UV detector. In contrast, the LCMS-2020 can easily analyze these sweeteners.

MS Chromatograms for Standard Sweetener Samples (left) Chromatograms for Solutions of Carbonated Beverages Diluted 400x (right)

Quick Amino Acid Analysis Via Detection by Mass

In amino acid analysis via HPLC, a long analysis time is required in order to separate the amino acids. When detecting by mass, however, the analysis time can be shortened while avoiding the impact of impurities.

MS Chromatogram for a Standard Sample of 39 Amino Acids

Chromatograms for Commercially Available Supplements (Dissolved in Water and Diluted 50x)

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