Corporate Management Systems

The Corporate Management System (CMS) is one of the most important parts of the infrastructure of any modern company, automating financial and logistics management functions. 

Successful companies always have the latest, most accurate and most complete information analysis which allows them to respond to market changes.

Implementation of CMS provides the full functionality necessary for analysis as well as management of financial, personnel, operational activities and maintenance services of the enterprise.

CMS assists in the operational control of all lines of activity of the enterprise and forms a solid base for optimum solutions at all levels of management both at the present moment, and in the long-term.

The advantages of the Corporate Management Systems are:

  • Optimizing the decision-making process

  • Providing real-time information, complete and reliable

  • Identifying potential problems and timely elimination of negative trends through broad analytical capabilities

  • Increasing productivity, efficiency and speed

  • Reducing expenses by increasing flexibility

  • Adapting to changing business

  • Cushioning of risks  

  • Improving financial and corporate management

  • Optimizing IT expenses

  • Providing quick and high return on investment

  • Motivating personnel leading to higher productivity

Smart Technologies Group offers a wide spectrum of solutions for financial and logistics management of the enterprise:

  • Finance Management

  • HR Management

  • Supplier Relations Management

  • Solution for Transport Companies (STC)

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