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i-Series Solutions Package

i-Series Solutions Package is a method package that encompasses pretreatment methods, analytical conditions, and printout of judgment results. The kit supports workflow automation with a CD-ROM containing optimized pretreatment methods and analytical conditions for target components, and analytical columns that allow for sample analysis immediately after purchase.

Mycotoxin Screening System

The mycotoxin screening system is a package that can detect mycotoxins with high sensitivity at concentrations specified by EU standards. The package includes pretreatment methods optimized for grains (soft wheat flour and rice flour), milk, and apples. A troubleshooting section includes considerations for each process step, from extraction to analysis, which helps ensure that reliable data can be acquired even when analyzing samples for the first time.

Antimicrobial Screening System

Synthetic antimicrobials are types of veterinary drugs and food additives, and residue levels of these antimicrobials are specified to avoid adverse effects on health. With a pretreatment method that minimizes the influence of contaminant components in meat (muscles of beef, pork, and chicken), the synthetic antimicrobial screening system enables screening of 24 synthetic antimicrobials in meat that are identified as regulated substances in Japan and Europe.

i-Series Plus as a Front-End for LCMS

Example Combination of a Detector-less Model (LC-2030C LT) and Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (LCMS-2020)

Mass spectrometers are used in a variety of sectors, from pharmaceuticals to food. i-Series Plus (LC-2030C LT) features a compact size and the ability to process multiple samples, and combining these strengths with the superior qualitative analytical performance of Shimadzu’s single quadrupole LCMS-2020 produces a system that supports powerful quantitative and qualitative analyses. Amino acids are often a target of analysis in the food sector, but are difficult to detect with UV detectors due to their normally poor light-absorbing properties. Mass spectrometers can easily analyze amino acids, so a LCMS system with excellent ease-of-use can be built by combining a detector-less i-Series Plus model with the LCMS-2020.

Quick Amino Acid Analysis Via Detection by Mass

In amino acid analysis via HPLC, a long analysis time is required in order to separate the amino acids. When detecting by mass, however, the analysis time can be shortened while avoiding the impact of impurities.

MS Chromatogram for a Standard Sample of 39 Amino Acids

Analysis of Sweeteners Using the LCMS-2020

Low-calories sweeteners are now widely used in food products. Sweeteners exhibit distinct flavors different from sucrose and glucose, so flavors are adjusted by combining multiple sweeteners or other methods. This publication shows the results of an analysis of carbonated beverages and a mixed standard solution of synthetic sweeteners utilizing the i-Series Plus and the LCMS-2020. Sucralose is known for its poor light absorption, which makes it a difficult component to detect using a UV detector. In contrast, the LCMS-2020 can easily analyze these sweeteners.

Chromatograms for Solutions of Carbonated Beverages Diluted 400 x

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