• Dynamics and Strength of Machines

1.2. In the area of Fluid and Gas Dynamics and Dynamics of Flights

  • Fluid and Gas Dynamics

1.3. In the area of Power Plant Engineering

  • Combustion Engines
  • Gas and Steam Turbines and Engines

1.4. In the area of Machine Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment

  • Welding Equipment and Technology
  • Renovation

1.5. In the area of Material Science and Coating Technologies

  • Material Science in Machine Manufacturing

1.6. In the area of Material Processing

  • Material Processing Design

1.7. In the area of Shipbuilding, Marine Engineering and Ocean Engineering

  • Shipbuilding
  • Ship Power Plants
  • Ship Power Equipment
  • Operating of Ships and Ship Equipment
  • Ocean Engineering

1.8. In the area of Marine Infrastructure Systems

  • Electrical Power and Automatic Ship Systems
  • System Engineering for Marine-related Applications

1.9. In the area of Automation and Control

  • Automation in Technological Processes and Industries
  • Information and Control Science in Application to Technical Systems

1.10. In the Area of Robotics Engineering

  • Robots and Robotics Systems

1.11. In the area of Information Science and Computer Engineering

  • Computers, Computer Systems and Networks
  • Software for Computers and Computer-aided Systems

1.12. In the area of Protection of Environment

  • Protection of Environment; Engineering Methods

2. Educational programmes leading to Diploma of Specialist in:

  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Sociology
  • Jurisprudence
  • Economics and Management in Industries

3. Educational programmes leading to Bachelor Degrees in:

  • Applied Mechanics
  • Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering and Ocean Engineering

4. Educational programmes leading to Master of Engineering and Technology Degree in Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering and Marine Engineering with specialisation in:

  • Naval Architecture and Ocean Technology
  • Marine Power Generation Systems and Equipment
  • Marine Information and Measurement Systems
  • Marine Automatic and Control Systems

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The State Marine Technical University offers postgraduate studies leading to the following Doctoral level degrees:

    • Candidate of Science, equivalent to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD);
    • Doctor of Science.

    Length of the course will strongly depend on the initial proficiency of an applicant in the designated area and, on average, varies from two to three years.

    Applicants are expected to be degree holders or have a qualification of Engineer.

    Main areas of researches are given below:

    • Fluid, gas and plasma mechanics
    • Dynamics and structural dynamics of machinery and equipment
    • Theoretical physics
    • Acoustics
    • Applied geometry and engineering graphics
    • Material science in industry
    • Automated manufacturing technologies
    • Manufacturing technologies in industries
    • Welding technology and equipment
    • Heat engines
    • Turbo machinery and turbo units
    • Marine hydrodynamics
    • Ship structural mechanics
    • Ship design and construction
    • Ship manufacturing and repair technology, shipbuilding management
    • Ship power installations and units
    • Electrical systems and networks
    • Information and measurement systems
    • Engineering system control
    • Data processing and control systems
    • Mathematical modelling, numerical methods and software development
    • Political economy
    • Economics and management
    • Analysis and mathematical modelling in economics
    • Philosophical aspects of sciences and engineering
    • Sociology: theory, methodology and history
    • Sociological analysis

    Apart from full-time degree programmes we offer short-term and long-term training with concentration on topics of your primary interest. Your application will be considered and an individual programme will be developed.

    Attention of English speaking applicants!
    Some of our professors have a good command of English that will give you an advantage of taking only a short course of conversational Russian to provide you effective communications.

    Взято с http://web.archive.org/web/20010112023000/http://www.smtu.ru:80/smtu/eng/educat.html

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